Great story!


Any story told to an audience involves a three way relationship between the speaker, the audience and the story. Think of this as a triangle with each corner representing an element of this relationship. None of the corners are independent because each part is connected.
When you tell a story to an audience, you are making a connection to your audience. The audience in turn is making a connection back to you, the speaker, because of the story. It is very important to ask yourself if your story is truly making that connection. Some stories are better for one audience than for another. You as a speaker have choices in what story you tell and in how you tell this story. Many people think that telling a story is a fixed process. However because you have a choice in telling the story, the process is fluid. You must spend time in the practice of telling your story. You have to look at it from all angles. You must realize that telling a story must never be an accident but must always be something that is planned exactly in order to gain the power of storytelling.


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