Be memorable!


I was riding in a Hotel Shuttle with some of my client’s employees. As we talked, one of them enthusiastically broadcast that she had taken and thoroughly enjoyed one of our IT training classes. I asked her who the instructor was; she replied with the name of our most successful and popular instructor. I then asked,” What do you remember most about that class?” She replied, “The magic tricks”. I was not surprised with the answer.
Despite what the woman’s response may invoke, this instructor was always in demand by our clients, all over the country, was always asked for when his expertise was needed. He was always booked. He wasn’t just magic tricks: he was an excellent instructor. But he had that extra “thing” – the magic – that enhanced the lesson and his reputation. He was memorable.
Some people are memorable because of who they are: iconic people in politics, business, sports and media. Others are memorable because they are experts in their fields: Nobel Prize winners and Hedge Fund Managers.
But for the rest us, we need to create our memorable. How do we do that? It varies with the individual. For some, it’s donning a costume, such as an Air Force Fighter flight suit, a clown costume, or being dressed to portray Abraham Lincoln. For others, it’s kinetics events on stage: gymnastics, juggling chain saws and performing magic tricks. Olympians often wear their medals when speaking. A few speakers give away prizes and gifts. Every memorable speaker has a memorable, that thing you remember about them.
Everyone has their own memorable and it’s uniquely yours. Find it. Embrace it. Perfect it. And you will be memorable.



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