When I was a kid…



One great way to make a point to a very adult audience is to tell a kid’s story. Not just any kid’s story but something that happened to you! Every adult has started as a child. We all experience the FEAR of learning how to ride a bike or trying something new. Or we had that special relative or teacher who had that profound effect on our lives. We have all had that first day of school and how we felt.

The problem is that we have forgotten those child moments and it is our job as speakers to remind our audience. By telling the audience on how specific events, relatives or teacher taught us as a child, your audience will then apply this information to their own life. According to Professor Stone, family stories tell us, “who we are and how we got that way.”

Start with your own life. Begin writing in a journal about your own life stories. Remember, the more you write, the more you will remember.

One problem is that you know your family story better than your audience. So you must practice, edit, revise and practice again. Practice your story in front of someone and ask their impression. You might be surprise as to what they see.

So…let me tell you a story when I was a kid.


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