Display Adapters are also called ‘Dongles’



As you know, speakers give presentations. Oftentimes the presentations they give are not just verbal, they’re visual too. Speakers must make sure an audience clearly sees their presentation visuals in a large format by connecting to a projection device like a large display screen or a data projector.


Think about this. Have you ever been getting ready for your live presentation, and, in working through getting your laptop connected to a device, you find out that you can’t make a physical connection between the two because you don’t have the correct display adapter? Well, most likely, this is due to your not having a specific ‘dongle’ handy in your bag. Wikipedia basically defines a dongle as a small piece of hardware that attaches to a computer, TV, or other electronic device to allow for certain connectivity options.


To prevent this type of AV connection headache, make sure you invest in building a simple Dongle Kit for your travelling briefcase. Always make sure you get the correct connector to fit your computers’ video output port and then look for various tips on the other end of the dongles to cover the basic connections needed on the display devices.


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