I am nervous, you’re nervous, everyone is nervous!


What is the difference between your nervousness and my mine when we speak? The answer is simply, none. It is only a matter of definition. Everyone who speaks has energy in their speaking. The key is how you define that energy, negatively or positively.
An inexperience speaker feels this energy and refers to it as “a case of nervousness”. Something that is a negative and needs to be replaced. Something they feel has to be “worked through”. An experienced speaker feels “passion and enthusiasm” and wants to make their audience enjoy the same experience.
So how do you re-define this energy? The secret to this transformation is simply action. The more you speak, the easier it is for your mind to mentally flip the switch. Some speakers encounter a time where they feel a nervousness suddenly change to excitement or enthusiasm.
Every speaker has energy. It is up to you to set the definition!


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