Dang…You know your topic!

topicsdOne important responsibility for all speakers is to…know…your…subject. The more you know, the easier it is to speak. One benefit to knowledge is confidence. With confidence comes less anxiety on “what might happen”.
Everyone who speaks has the opportunity to encounter someone in the audience who wants to argue. If you know your subject, a discussion between your anxious audience member and you might entertain the rest of your audience.
Dale Carnegie once said, “Earn the right” to talk about your subject! The more you are an authority of your topic, the greater degree of being seen as the expert. Expertise equals credibility.
In today’s world, gaining knowledge is easy. One favorite way of mine is to visit a bookstore that has a coffee shop. I select a few books and skim them to find what is interesting. Then I go back spending more time on pages which interest me. All the while I am enjoying my coffee.


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