What if?


What if the projector stops working? Then what do I do? Many experienced speakers as they review their talk are constantly asking the “What If…Then” question. What if this happens, then what do I do or say?

To truly look confident in any situation, you must have a certain amount of pre-planning. The pre-planning can simply be asking yourself: what if this happens then what do I do? There are many aspects of a speech’s history that can go wrong. Everything from either your flight arrangements going to the venue or your post-speech events and everything in between.

We all have checklists for equipment supplies but do you have a checklist for the “What If…Then” scenarios? This is the perfect opportunity for you the “Speaker” to think and practice comeback lines to address any problem. You can practice these comebacks with friends to see if they make sense.

It may look very impromptu to your audience but you know the truth.


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