The opposite view!!


One of the best ways to improve as a speaker is to video record your speeches. This recording of you speaking allows the analysis of all aspects of your speaking skills. You can see your hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions. You can listen to the audience and hear your cadence, inflections and tone of voice.

One view that is often times overlooked is to record the audience. The benefit to recording your audience as you speaks allows you to analysis the audience’s reactions to your words and stage presence. If parts of your speech are boring or not understandable, the audience facial expressions will show. If you are walking back and forth across the stage like a ping-pong ball. You will see this in your audience’s head movements.

Another benefit of recording from this angle is that you can use some of the footage in any video that you take for your website or promotional materials.

So remember always record your speech from your perspective and your audience’s perspective.