Nervousness is a Good Thing!


We hear from some new and experienced speakers that say they want to control their nervousness and many want to eliminate it altogether. We believe that being nervous has a distinct advantage.

How many of us have been at a presentation listening to a presenter who seemingly just drones on and on. They show no signs of any nervous energy and as a matter of fact are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They speak with a boring and lackluster style.

Being nervous gives you the edge. It will add energy to your presentation. Every presenter is nervous. What is important is whether you control the nervousness or it controls you. Every speaker who shows nervousness has that threshold where is goes from the audience is excited and cheering for you, to where your audience is uncomfortable. You must learn where your threshold is.

There are several ways to control your nervousness. First, acknowledge you will be nervous. Second, practice as much as you can so that you know your presentation inside and out. Lastly, think of possible scenarios that may heighten your nervousness and develop strategies to use the nervousness to your advantage.

Being nervous is not something you should fear, rather it should be a tool to make your speech better.