The power of a Title!


I love watching movies, especially vintage movies.  What often draws my attention to a particular movie is the title.  I believe the same idea can be said of walking down the aisles of a library and pulling out a book to look at.  It is the title that draws your attention. If this is true for movies or books, why can’t the same idea be said concerning the title of your speech?

The importance of speech titles are many times over look by speakers. In our rush to complete a speech, we pay little attention to the idea that the title is the first impression your audience gets concerning your speech.

Many times, a great title will add a sense of mystery or excitement to your speech.  It can  connect your speech with the audience and what’s in it for them.

One way to connect the content of your speech to the title is if your title asks a question.  Of course you must answer this question in your speech.

A person’s brain  operates  best on a finite amount.  The title of this nugget could have been, “The 3 ways a title adds power to your speech.”  People like to hear definite numbers-3 mistakes, 5 secrets, 2 ideas- this gives your audience a basic outline of your content.

Titles are important. Spend time putting the magic touch on your presentation or speech by having a great title.


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