Energy called by any other name, is still energy.

Many new and inexperienced speakers feel nervousness and fear. Experience speakers feel passion and excitement. The irony is that nervousness and passion are both energy: it is just called differently.

New speakers want to remove their nervousness while experienced speakers want to tap into their passionate energy and actually increase it. Unless you are speaking to a group of insomniacs at two o’clock in the morning, you do not want to have a monotone and passionless speech. A speaker wants to speak with energy and passion. Having this energy allows your audience to feel your stories and message.

A brand new speaker must realize this truth and find ways to change this name of nervousness and fear to that of passion and excitement. Does it mean that you will never be nervous again? No! It means that you will do what it takes to harness your energy and not let it be your detriment to a good and passionate. For a new speaker, learn to practice more and thoroughly plan out your speech.

Remember, fear or passion is still energy, it is just called differently!