Presentation with Audio!!!

imageHow’s your laptop sounding?

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where the speaker was using a
laptop to play some type of audio file and the audio just didn’t sound
that good…maybe you heard a buzz or a hum in the audio. Well, it’s
very likely that their laptop was not correctly connected to the sound
system and was causing the troubled audio.

If you have a presentation with audio, do yourself and the audience a favor and make sure you are sounding the best you can!  Carry your own Laptop Sound Port adapter. The Dsan Model LSP-1 is a compact adapter that plugs into a laptop computer speaker jack, changes the imageoutput to a balanced mono mic-level signal and mates with standard XLR audio cable for connections to a house audio system. This little guy can prove wonders for anyone’s listening pleasure and it won’t break your bank at $80 or so.
Check it out here on their Website