What Else You Got?


You have a great presentation that you deliver: people enjoy it and organizations pay you to present it. But what else do you have? Chances are, quite a lot.

Does your audience have to experience you live and in person, or would a video suffice? Whether or not the messenger is the message, if the theatre is not necessarily the medium, a video may suffice. Could your words be printed on paper and travel in book form rather than via sound waves? Probably so, which brings permanence to your words. If you are an expert in your given field, you could share more information about your field of expertise in reference materials, rather than have that material cluttering up your presentation? Of course you could. The number of things you can create to enhance your message is vast.

Each one of these items becomes a potential source of revenue to you. Collectively, they become your “Table at the back of the room” where participants can purchase “you” in a variety of media formats. The purchased items become reminders of you to the buyer, and may also act as “calling cards” identifying you to new people and audiences.   Purchases are not limited to tables at speaking venues: your “Store” should be part of your web site and social media.

The next time you attend a keynote, check out the speaker’s “Table at the Back of the Room”. Check the pricing and do the math; your mind will do the rest.