The power of an evaluation!


Many speakers feel they give great presentations. Most who feel this way hate to be evaluated. Or worse, feel that since they give a great speech; do not need to be evaluated. If the audience doesn’t get what they are trying to say, then it is the fault of the audience. I always tell a new speaker the best way to improve is to have someone evaluate your presentation, it can be as simple as to what they liked and what they feel needs improvement. A person’s evaluation can be very detailed or general in nature. Every evaluator’s opinion is of value no matter the experience level of the evaluator. One of the best ways to evaluate a speech is to simply ask the speaker, “What are you trying to accomplish?” If the speaker wants to accomplish the X factor but you the evaluator see it as the Y factor, every speaker wants to know this.

So as a speaker you must learn to accept evaluations as part of your being a better speaker. As an evaluator you must learn to give good evaluations which helps any speaker and you the evaluator.