Always…Always be prepared!


The Boy Scout’s motto is; Be Prepared. As a speaker this should also be your motto.

A month ago, I attended a presentation by a local speaker at a Historical Society’s monthly meeting. The speaker was told they did not having to bring anything because the Historical Society had whatever the speaker needed.

As the speaker began to speak and advance the PowerPoint presentation, the remote control stop working. It was determined that the remote needed new batteries. For the next 20 minutes while the speaker manually advanced the Power Point presentation on his computer by hand, someone was rummaging through several file cabinets looking for new batteries. This was a total distraction to the audience and for the speaker. A simple solution would have been for the speaker to have brought a small case for emergency needs.

You as a speaker must always be prepared. Spare batteries are one item to have to save embarrassment for you. You may also have a spare universal remote control. An extra flash Drive with your presentation on it is also helpful.

Spend time thinking on what you should bring for your ‘emergency bag’. This may save you from extra stress!



Start With Your Close: So You Know Where to Start


There is a wonderful saying ‘Begin with the end in mind.’  When starting to compose your speech, it is best to start with the close.

The close is the end of the journey.  If you do not have a specific destination, you can wind up anywhere and will not only lose yourself. you audience will wind up who know where.  With the destination in mind you can now build an effective opening that sets the tempo and path to the final destination.

Whether it is a strong moral, call to action or critical learning point, the close is the message in a nutshell.  Everything else is just supporting information to support the message.